And Your Insurance Company

Todd's Auto Body has done work for just about every insurance company out there during the past thirty-some years. With that kind of experience, we can help you better understand the relationship between you (the insured), the insurer and the provider (us). This will be more and more important since the cost to repair or replace a vehicle is too high for most people to go without insurance. Read on as we try to de-mystify this for you.

When an accident occurs, you should contact your insurance agent and arrange for your vehicle to be delivered to Todd's Auto Body for an estimate of damages. If your insurer is one for which we are a Direct Repair Facility, then we handle the rest of the details. If not, you may need to schedule a meeting with your insurance company's Claims Adjuster as advised by your agent. The insurance company, often with our input, must decide if they want all or part of your vehicle repaired or replaced. This financial decision is carefully regulated for your protection.

When the work is authorized, Todd's Auto Body begins to work on your vehicle. Sometimes, when panels are taken off or fenders removed, additional problems are discovered that need to be fixed. This requires an adjustment to the estimate. Your insurance company determines whether they must be advised of the adjustment before or after the work is done. Todd's Auto Body will communicate with the insurer in most of these cases, especially if the project is close to a total loss.

Todd's Auto Body will help you get "rolling" as quickly and safely as we can. Our reputation with your insurance company is well deserved. They need to trust us, then we can help them provide your services more efficiently.


Claims Adjuster:

An employee or representative of the insurance company that is responsible for determining the extent of the damage caused by an accident, and the amount of coverage to be applied to it.


Using the Mitchell Ultramate速 software package, we calculate the cost to repair the damage done to your vehicle. The estimate includes the cost of material and labor to repair or replace each damaged part.


An adjustment is a change in the work order based on new discovery since the estimate was done. Generally, this occurs when internal damage was done in an accident and repairing it wasn't included in the original estimate. This is one reason that the repair bill might differ from the estimate.


This occurs when the cost to fix the damage to a vehicle exceeds the cost to replace the whole vehicle. Comes from the term "a total loss", and is carefully considered anytime the repair estimate exceeds 70% of the market value.


A damaged part is repaired when it can be restored to "like original" condition, especially when it can be done for less cost that replacing that part.


A damaged part is replaced with a new or used part when it can't be repaired to "like original" condition. Availability of parts can also have an effect on the decision to repair or replace. At Todd's Auto Body, our recommendation whether to repair or replace is taken seriously by the insurance companies.