Our Paint Area is Second To None

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The paint shop is a relatively new facility at Todd's Auto Body.  In a brand new building that is 60' x 120', the state of the art paint facility rivals any other in the state of Washington.

Two down-draft paint booths are ready to take your car or truck and in a completely sealed environment - make it shine like new again.

Click for larger picture Each car, truck or van is carefully prepared before painting begins.  Our down-draft prep-booth can hold up to four vehicles, but we usually do them just two at a time.  No detail is overlooked, because the most important step to a perfect paint job is the first one.  A car that is prepped right is easier to paint right.  At Todd's Auto Body, we get the foundation right first.

Then your vehicle is ready for the  paint booth.

Our Mix Room services both booths, and allows our painting specialists to make a perfect match to your car's paint.  Of course, we also have the ability to restore it to "perfect" stock color as well.

Our painting process and technology is on par with the manufacturer's.  That means your paint job should perform as well or better than new.

Once your car is painted, it is baked on right in the same booth.  In fact, these booths are equipped with 1,000,000 BTU heaters - each!  When the painting is done, and the heat turned on, it only takes about 20 minutes to completely bake-on your paint.  Just a few minutes later, your car is ready for any weather - even the famous Pacific Northwest rain!

If you would like a tour - please give us a call to schedule it.