Customer Service

One of the first things that greets you when you walk into the offices at Todd's Auto Body, is the genuine, friendly welcome you receive. To Todd's staff, you're a person before you're a customer. And they look at themselves as your partner through the unsettling process of dealing with the inconvenience and stress of repairing your damaged vehicle. (They can even arrange a rental car for you.)

The folks at Todd's are committed to taking care of both your vehicle and you. Vern, Doris and the rest of their team are dedicated to making their customers feel comfortable and assured. "We want our customers to understand that we will repair their vehicle as if it were our own," Vern pledges. "And we will make sure their rights are protected."

"We go to bat for our customers," Doris adds. When unseen damages are discovered for example, Todd's will work with the insurance company for any adjustments. "We'll deal with the insurance company so our customers won't have to."

A top quality product and a happy customer are the goals of Todd's Auto Body. We think you'll find that when you finish your business with Todd's, you not only leave with a repaired vehicle that you're more than pleased with, but you also leave feeling that you've made a new family of friends.