Professionally Trained Staff

One of the things that makes Todd's special is the low turnover of staff. You know there is something going right with the business when employees choose to stay. For instance, one mechanic recently retired from Todd's after 27 years of service. Many of the current employees are marking their 10th or even 20th year!

When the company is stable and the staff is stable, there are big advantages to you, the customer. For instance, the estimator knows exactly what the shop can and can't do. The shop foreman even knows who can do it best. It's like working with a team, and using the skills of each in the best way.

This advantage is so important to Vern and Connie that they always look for ways to encourage it. For that reason, the company sponsors employees to continuing education classes and supports them in getting special certification. Of course, there's the retirement plan and benefits as well.

If you would like to be considered for employment with Todd's, please inquire by Email. Thank you.